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Switzerland news pt2

I didn't get a single picture of our room at the Salvation army place or passantihiem as its called which roughly translates to passing through house, I intended to just kept forgetting but basically we had the family room which consisted of to single beds put together and a bunkbed, not too big but big enough, breakfast was served from 7-8 and we made it most days, then we roamed around the city alot, its so pretty and there is so much to see, and then discovering the bears was quite exciting too and we went everyday to see them, we also went and found some really fun playgrounds, our day was pretty much going out as much as possible weather permitting as things would get rather stir crazy from being in one room constantly and at one point it started snowing as the weather was quite cold upon first arriving.

Interviews also started with Social office, and things got pretty interesting, new rules were pulled out etc and at one point a month after arriving when things were looking a little hopeless we started talking about going back to Oz(I didn't want to say anything to anyone but it was a very real possibility :)

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