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Switzerland news pt 1

so things have been moving at warp speed for us which is a good thing, to do a little recap since we arrived I will start by recapping the trip...it started out great and went that way for a bit, the kids were so excited about their little tvs that had movies as well as games and they also had good meals although since Roderick was on a infant ticket they gave me jar baby mush which he of course did not touch as it was gross :) but the other kids plates were big enough for all of them, the whole night went very well and they slept most of the night, poor Leona started to get sick in her stomach towards the end and ended up puking all over the floor and shoes that were there oh and partly on Goobs who we had made a bed for there :), so then we arrived in Abu Dhabi and everyone was happy and well rested, once we got off we had a few hours to look around, its quite a pretty airport, these are a couple pictures of the main center where all the shops and restaurants are, we also found a macca's with a play area so the kids had a good hour of run around time b4 we needed to board the next plane.
getting on the next plane was not so easy as poor Roderick had had enough since the first flight had lasted about 15 hours but once we got settled and fed he went back to sleep although he did cry a bit more on this flight which lasted about 7 hours and went to Dusseldorf, Germany and we basically only had time to run to the next gate and board although b4 we boarded Zeth got me the first starbucks coffee I had had in 7 yrs and it was heavenly, this was a smaller plane as the flight was just under an hour (thank goodness) and poor Roderick was so tired he cried almost the whole time, the other kids too were disappointed that this plane had no games or videos so didn't make it easy but at least it was short, so then we made it smoothly through the Zurich airport with three trolleys (Leona pushed one bless her) and were picked up by a friend of Zeths parents in their big van and they drove us all the way to the salvation army place in Bern(1 hour drive) that was arranged for us by the social office and so ends pt 1 of our adventures :)

the pictures are of the centre of the Abu Dhabi airport

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