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Leona's party

We had a little party last Sunday for Leona, the cousins came and a few of the girls we used to live with, thanks Sarah, Simeon, Rosa, Stacy, Kylie and Claudia for coming and making it fun for Leona and to Nana, Pop, aunties and uncles and cousins for the nice pressies...here are a few pics, alot didn't turn out of course same like her last b-day, not sure why. It was fun anyway and the kids had a blast playing together.


CrazyGurl said...

awww he's so beautiful!

SerenaRose said...

he is making a bit of a weird face there

Zeth said...

Yeah.... funny face... sorta like annoyed, but putting up with it... haha.... what a character!!

Anonymous said...

serena he is so cute... has such a grown up face. we will have to come over again. Sara

SerenaRose said...

please do, you are welcome anytime:)