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Barwon Heads

Today we took a drive out to a town called Barwon Heads. This was a 1 hour and 15 min drive one way and we used it to see how the kids would be with a more lengthy trip in the car. It was really good practice as we were able to see what we would need to change or have at the ready for various "situations" - ha!

All in all it was pretty smooth and the kids did well.

The beach at Barwon Heads was gorgeous and thus it was understandable that there were heaps of other people there, but thankfully there was more than enough beach space for everyone. The Kids had a super time and the water was nice and warm.

We did about 200km on less than $15 (AUD) with the aircon on 90% of the time.

Unfortunately in our mad dash from the car to the beach we forgot the camera so all I had was my mobile phone ... so here are some pics ...


our family said...

looks lovely! You know there are baby/kid diaper swimmers so that Ray can go in the water without the normal diapers getting full & bursting or weighing him down :-)

SerenaRose said...

I know and keep meaning to get them just keep forgetting