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After a few REALLY hot days going up to 45 we have a pleasant day today of 26...during the last few days we have just gone out to the public pool then just driving on the highway in the aircon cause on coming home our little house would be sooooo hot we are talking up to 47 degrees here but thankfully the evenings would cool down and by 7ish it would be liveable again, the aircon in the big house was on so we went in there one day to sit in front of it for a couple hours, and because of the heat and all the aircons on some parts of the city the power went off and in the city street lights were off as well so the poor police men were out directing traffic...

we are getting ready now for the big trip and I'm sooooo excited, I can't believe the girls are there already and it will still be days b4 I see them sniff anyway I just can't wait...so we will try to be leaving early tomorrow then drive 5 hours to Mallacoota where we will stay the night in a caravan park then the next day on to Berry where we will stay another night and from there its only an hour drive to Bulli where we will meet up with everyone...pls keep our journey in your prayers and esp that kids kids have a dose of supernatural patience and happieness thanks, be seeing ya'll xxx

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ROB and PREM said...

then what? then what happened I want to hear the rest lol