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We are Driving!!!

Today James and I drove to Bendigo to do my test for Green P plates. Since having woken up at 6am to drop someone off to the airport and then not having slept the night before due to my brain being on hyper-drive, I was pretty wiped after driving the relatively short distance of 150 Km to Bendigo, which by the way is a really nice town.

We drove around a bit and James got a beauty coffee. At 11:10 am we found a big beaut of a tree and parked under it to have a snooze when out of the blue the civil servants arrive with trucks and power saw's to chop up and remove a branch the size of a tree which had fallen due to the winds the previous day. So there went the snooze.

11:30 am we met with my instructor who drove me around the areas where I would most likely be taken for about an hour. 12:45pm we had lunch and planned to have that snooze ... but before you could wink it was 1:15 pm -- time to head to VicRoads!

Got to VicRoads and met my tester ... did the preliminary tests and then the real stuff -- driving. Once done I returned to VicRoads and awaited the outcome. It was a GO! -- and amazingly I had not done anything wrong at all.

So now we are preparing for our next challenge ... that of conquering the coastal route from Melbourne to Sydney. Should be fun ... talked to a gent to owns a caravan tourist park in Mallacoota (which is the halfway point) and he said the drive from the halfway point to Melbourne is 5.5 hours driving straight, and to Sydney is 6 hours. So we figure with the kids and taking breaks etc might be an hour more on each leg of the trip ... which is really not bad at all. We are hoping to get to Berri and stay there overnight on the 2nd of Feb and then make our way to following day to Bulli to meet up with the rest of the tribe -- but we'll see ...

Thanks to all you who were cheering me on for my license ... it was good having that moral support.


Jess said...

Congratulations. I heard that Steven and Terri live in Berri, are you staying with them?

Is the halfway point Albury that he told you? that's we we would stop on the way down, but I don't think ti was a coastal route.

our family said...

Congrats Zeth! Serena you must be very pleased :-)

SerenaRose said...

really really :)