Leona Spring


Raymond Leonard


Roderick Hunter




Firstly my big girl turns 3 today!!! Happy Birthday Leona!!!

Leona is a very sweet girl and loves to give kisses and love to everyone including our slightly strange neighbor lady ha, she is quite polite and says thank you and your welcome to everything and is also finally saying please more too...she is speaking more but its not quite sentences but odd words here and there her sentences are only 2 or 3 words together and she still babbles quite a bit which is why we want to get her checked and see if she needs speech therapy, she also is playing with Ray alot more which is cute to see.

Well Zeth was in Jo'burg for 3 days and tried to apply for the permission to get a license, but seeing as he lives in this city he has to apply here (sigh) though the trip was not a waste as ha had taken all the homes HD's to get all the kiddie videos and documentaries that they had there in the home as all our HDs had stopped working and we had hardly anything so its wonderful having all the Einstiens again they also had ALOT of wiggles concerts and vids including wiggly safari which I had wanted to buy on ebay...So Zeth is going today to apply again now that he has the right form...so again pls pray for a miracle...we NEED A MIRACLE.

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