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Some things I'm looking forward to in going back to Australia...

0)A new laptop (p.s mine sold)

1)Hot water 24/7 (we have a water heater that takes 3 hours to heat up and is turned on in the morning but has to be turned off in the late afternoon cause its a electricity guzzler)

2)being able to buy kids edu things on ebay like the jumpstart toddler and reader rabbit toddler computer software.

3)ABC kids :)

4)having a big inclosed yard(aren't I hopeful) and getting yard toys, like a playhouse and sand pit ETC.

5)seeing my fam(although if we go to Melbourne which is a possibility I would not see them till Jan :( )

6)Zeth getting a license and us getting a car(which is one reason we would go to Melbourne...only 3 month L's for him as opposed to 12 months in Sydney)

7)white rice ha(we eat brown mostly)

8)Next yr maybe putting Leona in Gymnastics or some such class

9)Nice parks with no bums :)

10)indoor pools for winter

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Joanna said...

Another laptop already?!