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pray for Zeth's license

He went to Jo'burg last night and arrived this morning, pls pray that he will be able to get the paper allowing him to get a license...he won't leave till he has it even if it means he will extend his ticket cause it will take him alot longer to get one in Australia...so he desperatly needs it now thanx

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Stephanie Scott said...

Hi--Comment from my blog to U!
U look so much like April! I used to see her off and on when I lived in Mexico at the CTC. She was on the C/P board and I'd see her at meetings.
I think even one of your clan got married to Miggy, who is a big friend of mine.

Hey--I have lots of kid's pubs if you'd like to get some. write me at:
stepctc@yahoo.com and I'll send a list of kid's pubs for you.

love you!