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so far we are three weeks into the holidays, with three weeks to go, still trying to figure out fun things to do with the kids to keep them from killing each other.

My birthday was fun, we had friends over with some drinks and lots of Flammkuchen that Zeth made, its soooo yummy :) and everyone seemed to get along yay :P

The kids went for a sleepover at their Grandmas last night and waking up this morning in a completely empty silent house this morning at 9:30 and then folding the laundry without little ppl trying to kill each other was quite an amazing feeling, I could almost get used to it, luckily the kids love their Grandma and she doesn’t mind having all three at once(score) :P (I think summer holidays are great and I love summer but after awhile a few short breaks now and again are oh so special)

I just realised I have read so many books that I'm forgetting what I read so I am going to start a post and list as many as possible maybe with a short summery.

I think I will go make cookies now with the kids, because its raining and feels like a cookie day :P

Update: and 2 hours later ta da, delish oatmeal chic chip cookies 🍪👍👌😍

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