Leona Spring


Raymond Leonard


Roderick Hunter




When friends and in-laws visit we like to give them the full tour of all our favourite places(we have been to these spots sooo many times but just love them), and so when my sis-in-law visited last weekend we took advantage of a perfect 26 degree day to do just that, usually we add a ferry ride in Thun but it didn't work out , but we did do the Thun castle(although my fav is the Spiez castle) then going to lunch in Spiez, walking around Interlaken and ending in our fave spot by the brienzersee for ice cream and a wade in the gorgeous lake


Alena Pat said...

OMG your place looks stunning! We will need to visit you soon for this awesome tour ;)

Marisa De Sousa said...

Cant take my eyes off those mountains 😍

Serena Adair Boder said...

We live in Bern but go regularly to these places, luckily its close to us and in a couple years we hope to move to Thun or Spies 🗻 😍

Tamara Gerber said...

Does it get any better than blue sky, sunshine, lake, mountains, ice cream and nice company?