Leona Spring


Raymond Leonard


Roderick Hunter




This afternoon Leona went to a friends house after school, this is a new experience for her and one that I am quite pleased with...it only started maybe a month ago when Ray started going to a kindy friends house after school and his friend would come here and they would swap every other day and when his friend came here I was amazed at the amount of German he was speaking, we don't really hear it around the house but when other kids come over he speaks Deutsche so well I'm so proud of him,
then Leona picked up on it when a boy from her school asked her over to his place, she didn't know the way so she met him at school and they walked to his house together then when it was time to come home Janik(the friend)walked her back to school and she came home from there, he is a very cute boy with an earring(alot of guys and young boys alike wear a single earring) and he told his Mom he wants to learn English so that he can marry Leona and asked his Mom to speak English to him on the weekends, very determined he is, well today she is at another boys house and I'm so happy this is finally happening for both of them they really needed bffs that they can grow up with :)

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