Leona Spring


Raymond Leonard


Roderick Hunter




I started Muki-Deutch  again and go with Roderick on Mondays, then Tuesday and Wednesday Roderick is in playgroup in the mornings and will hopefully be fluent in German by August which is when he starts Kindy...

We have been seeing a psychologist for children with Leona and she is trying to help with many of things Leona is going thru at school, she will hopefully be tested soon by drs so we know if she has aspergers-syndrome which will get her extra help in school and extra speech therapy to help with her language learning, we are also going to be talking to the head of Education(or something) to ask about wether or not we are allowed to home-school her as she is really not doing so well in a class and needs more attention, it seems it should be possible and my MIL will also be helping to teach her so once again fingers crossed

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