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13 weeks!!!

Gosh its been so busy here packing I plum forgot to write something here, and I'm not even sure if I took a picture this week but I'll check...he has been a bit difficult this week, he dosen't ever just want to sit down and constantly wants to be held, talked to, sung to, he loves having his arms danced around :) so between him and the other two I'm really not able to get much done in the way of packing...hope I'm ready in time to fly...at least he still has one long nap in the day where I can scrounge to get stuff done...never trying to pack and move with 3 kids ever again,

I will have to take a heap of pics tomorrow, He is getting better everyday at holding things and already wants to put everything into his mouth, he always wants to talk to someone but even if he just has something in front of it he will talk to it :) I really need to get a video of him.

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