Leona Spring


Raymond Leonard


Roderick Hunter



12 week-3 months!!!!

the other day Roderick was laughing full on over and over while I made stupid noises haha sad part was I ran to get a camera only to find the battery dead on both of then :/...anyhoo took a couple cute vids of him,he makes the cutest faces while he talks it actually contorts and he has been trying to hold stuff more with a little success...first thing I need to get for him in Sydney is a walker with a fun tray :) he does NOT like to lay down or sit propped up he wants to be completely upright ALL the time, he is also starting to be sillier like in that first picture :) he stuffs his bib in his mouth alot and he just eats anything possible, like his fist, fingers or my shoulder :) he was taking his dummy more recently and I'm encouraging it as much as possible.
I would also like to get him a fun playmat for tummy time if anyone sees one in good condition :)


Joanna said...

I'll keep a lookout at garage sales and stuff.

SerenaRose said...

thanks Jo, thats awesome :)