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Blessings from the Lord ....

We just heard that we got the house in Melbourne secured. TYL!
The house is in a beautiful little area named Altona and we live a 5 min walk away from the beach and a short drive to the downtown of Melbourne.

It's a lovely house ... very spacious and with a lovely enclosed garden with a self-contained bungalow.

We will be able to send pics and more info later ... when we actually get there ... ha ...
Please pray for the Lords supply of furniture and finances for the new home ...

We arrive in Sydney on the 11th of September (Thursday) and will be staying, it seems, in Sydney area until Tuesday the following week which is when we will be flying down to Melbourne. A few nights in Mark and Kay's house and then the rest at Mike and Anaiks.

My (Zeth's) sister came a couple days ago with her little family from Brazil ... so we are all catching up after 8 years of not seeing each other.

Now its all about packing! Hurrrah ...

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