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Random news

Well its been 3 days since I got one wisdom tooth out and my jaw is still slightly swollen and sore and I can't open my mouth very wide so its hard to eat...pls pray for speedy healing Tks.

Next week we start full on sorting and packing...oh joy...not :( and for a couple weeks we still weren't sure of our final destination, it was going between Adelaide and Melbourne and finally in the end its Melbourne but at least we get to stay a couple nights at Mum and Dads and see everyone b4 leaving again :)... We are going to be sub-letting with James and Rosey and Jono for a bit and they have been looking at houses, they saw quite a nice one close to the beach and the city and will be putting a application in bright and early Monday morning so pls pray desperately for us to get a yes!!! we need a house to land in so we need a miracle Tks alot.

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