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Well Leona had soooo much fun at the circus, I didn't go cause I had a night of no sleep the night b4 but Zeth took Leona and apperently made a little video of her having fun(cameras were not allowed) so he had to be sneaky ha, we are just waiting now for the call that our adsl is turned on...

oh I must tell you about our washing machine haha, laundry here is a REAL full time job, first of all the washing part and the spinning part is separat compartments so it fills up and washes then you have to pull it out and put it in the spinner and while its spinning you have to drain the washer and fill it up again then you put the laundry back in to rinse, then you put it back in the spinner and drain the other part again I'm telling you its some weightlifting there, and they only bought this machine when we were coming, they used to hand wash everything.

I have made the pineapple-coconut cake now a few times and its a HIT, it reminds me of home( I miss home soooo much :().

I really want to talk to you all, Jo, Dad but I can only get on right now after 7 and thats 3 am for you all sniff...as soon as we get on adsl I will try to get on at the right time(I did get on a couple times during the day hoping to catch someone but no such luck)
anyways all the pics are on my comp and I'm on Zeths right now so I will resize and maybe post a couple tomorrow and so u all know I have been checking blogs but the fracking comment box just will not load at all so I can't post comments although I have wanted to...
Dad please tell Mum I love her and will try to call her sometime
I luv u all

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Amber Leona said...

Good to hear your alive & well :-)