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small update

wow, so its been just over a week that we arrived and its going pretty good, Leona is loving the dog and kittens that we have...after just arriving we found little bites on me and the kids and it turned out our dog had fleas so the process of putting flea powder, cleaning all the rooms airing all the beds and bedding took almost the last week but PG its done and the fleas are gone.

we arn't too far from 2 pretty nice malls which we have gone to get shopping, the main shop we get stuff from is called pick'n'pay and its everything like a coles or bi-lo with food, household items and clothes.

We have a cute playground also just down the road with a couple things that Leona never went on but now loves including a whitches hat, merry go round and a really high steep slide which she didn't hesitate to climb up with one of us right behind her. she also loves just running around our big inclosed backyard, and Zeths parents bought us a really nice bed then provisioned a cute pink toddler bed and a cot.

I have been taking pics its just that for this month we are on dialup, crazy huh well next month we hope to start adsl it just take up to 3 weeks after you apply to get it connected so I will need to wait for then to upload pics.

Zeths Sisters have been really eager to be around the kids and take them whenever I need help or just because baby is soooo cute, its great.

Zeth has also been doing alot of needed repairs around the place as well as painting and general organizing.
The weather has been super warm and really sunny and the sun is quite harsh here, u burn alot easier

anyway thats our first week here in a nutshell

I also wanted to say a congratulations to Amber and Migs and I hope your dinner was special and fun, I'm sorry I missed it and hope to see pictures soon

love you all lots, I saw nice pics of Anaiks housewarming and it looked fun, I miss everyone xxx

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CrazyGurl said...

So...how's Africa treating you? :D