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Well the time for Zeth to come back has come and gone, he was supposed to be back yesterday but having missed his flight out of Seattle took a later flight and yesterday arrived in Taiwan and is currently staying with Vince till he finds out when he can get a flight, which will be either today arriving tomorrow or Sunday arriving Monday so please pray he can get on today!!! PG I am tired and the place is a mess and I had to miss a fellowship and a mothers night which I'm not too happy about and was also hoping for a small rest when Zeth got back but I guess that will have to come after our flight which is(thanks to the nifty countdown)is in 12 days phew so much to do once Zeth gets home including a yard sale which was going to be this weekend but now will have to be next weekend a couple days b4 we fly.

Jo came and stayed the night a couple days ago with the kids and it was sooooo nice to have company thanks Jo, if Zeth isn't flying till Sunday you must come again,...as for a party I'm just not sure I'm up to trying to organize and host something, we have soooooo much to do and time is ticking rather fast, but of course I want to see ppl b4 we go so we will see what happens & do our best.

k well thats all for now, pray for us to not stress too much and that Zeth gets that flight this afternoon TKs...(note to self:write a happy post asap)

NEWSFLASH: Zeth got a seat on the flight this evening and will be home tomorrow!!!! yippeeee

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