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whats been happening?

I know I'm not a super good writer so I usually wait till something interesting happens before writing anything...Zeth has said he will also do a post from Seattle where its been -10 or so, so that should be interesting...I will have to remind him.

Some little tidbits over the last couple days though...I have been surviving pretty well since Zeth has gone mainly because Amber and Migs have been a big help with everything, they cook, clean and take the baby alot so thanks guys its been super, last Thursday my sweet brother took us to lunch at the Hills Lodge where he is a apprentice chef and it was great, there was even roo on the menu which Migs ordered and it turned out delish, then on Friday we all went over to Jo's for a day of swimming, BBQ, wine ha was good to get out for me and Leona...then this evening was a goodbye dinner for sweet Marz, she is a good friend and will be missed, it was another delish Thai dinner, I miss those since we moved away from Marz and it was my first time having mango and sticky rice and all I can say is YUM!!!!! this evening Amber and Migs stayed here with Leona, Alan and Jay to make it possible for all us to go...Thanks again guys

Small prayer request: there seems to be a sickness going around and the poor babies Haydn and Raymond both have runny noses, Leona also was pretty sick yesterday so please keep them in ur prayers as Raymond is extra fussy and has been refusing to eat and its making the nights a little more unbearable, Tks.

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