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my beautiful baby

Thanks Libby for this picture, I really need to take some...we had a fun Leo party on Sat night and hopefully Jo will put up the pictures she took, we have a fun, wonderful bunch of Leo's in the area including my little family ha, Libby pretty much sums it all up and since this description is Zeth to a T I thought I would steal it and post it here(hope you don't mind Libby)

The typical Leo personality is flamboyant and generous with tremendous charm and magnanimity of spirit which draws people close. Leos are also extremely loyal (unless they have been betrayed), full of self-confidence and hard-working, being excellent organizers (so long as they are the boss). Leo's ability to play hard and the value placed on pleasure makes for an excellent and fun-loving friend or companion.
I love you Moochi...Happy Birthday

We are planning to go down to K-mart to take a family photo this week, hopefully the kids will behave, so that we can get a nice one. I will scan and post once we have it(usually takes 2 weeks to actually get it)


Anonymous said...

he looks so cute in that photo! beautiful little boy!

Jessica said...

Aww, he's so cute! I'm hoping your able to recover well Serena. Love you!

marina said...

Goregous photo! well take and a beautiful little baby!

CrazyGurl said...

Hehe no problem. Happy it could be useful to you =D