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feeling slightly confused these days

it seems to me that the more I see and hear of ppl I have grown up with or met over my travels through the years have almost all found that one thing( or many things) that they excel in and wonder what is different with me? why can't I find something that I even a little bit good at...there are several things I have tried and failed at over the past few years, things I have desperately wanted to be good at but just have no either creative ability or just no ability period, and there is so much more that I want to try but right now have neither the money nor the language ability to further my experiments...and all I want to know is why? why can I not find it, I'm feeling rather desperate and depressed at the thought that I'm 31 with not a single accomplishment to talk about, yes I know I have three beautiful children, a roof over my head and food and money in the bank so why am I so down? truthfully I am thankful for all that but there is just that nagging feeling of growing old as a failure at everything, not sure what to do at this point.

not sure if anyone is even going to read this but if you do please don't judge me too harshly, I'm just trying to make sense of my thoughts.


Ivanna said...

also known as the... "shit I am over 30 and didn't do ____ (insert private dream there) yet" Chin up honey, I feel the same way sometimes. Keep your eyes on what is good, (handsome husband, beautiful children etc. etc.) and pretty soon you'll realize the talent, ingenuity, and work you have put into your achievement called family!

SerenaRose said...

awww thanks for the encouraging comment, just what I needed to hear :)