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random happenings...

must must must keep the blog up..., so Roddy is 9 1/2 months and has his first tooth coming thru, he is very sick and miserable, poor bun.

Ray doing so well with pottying and goes completely by himself, I;m very happy he was so easy, now just to night train...

Leona is about to start school and she is very excited, just need to get a few more things like shoes and a lunchbox and she is ready, it will be a little different without her most of the day but not that much seeing as I still have the 2 boys at home...

oh yes Friday is my driver knowledge test yay, I'm so excited and nervous but hopefully by Friday afternoon i will be a L plater...can't wait!!!

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Zeth said...

Roddy? .. who is blazes is that!?