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heh, I didn't even realise

How long its been since the last update...probably because Zeth did the last one :)

Well we are officially house hunting again...you all know how that goes...

The kids are doing good, Ray is a smart cookie and counts to 10 and can recognize most of the alphabet...its from the little steps phonics video he was into for awhile :) and Leona is becoming more of a girly girl and finally lets me do braids and ponytails in her hair ha it took long enough and we were thinking of putting her in kindy for 4 yr olds, hopefully there will be one around the house we finally get...

Chris cooked a nice birthday dinner for me at his and Amber's place and Anne was there too...super nice, and then last week I had a night out with Amber at a cute pub, long time since I did that...was fun and I'm happy with the cute little camera I got from Zeth.

Its almost the kids birthdays, not sure if we will do much, its sad that they don't have friends to party with but I'm sure we can make it fun for them nevertheless

Zeth has also enrolled in a Tafe course to get certificate 3 in IT and will start Monday...and will be going to tafe a few days a week.

I have been putting all the newer pictures up on FB here is the link for the album

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