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I wanted to write a bit about Leona and some things she has started saying

She is such a outgoing girl and wants to know and be friends with anyone and everyone, she is very sweet and will call ppl to look at what she sees or is doing and if she dosen't know their name she will call excuse me till they finally look at her ha or she will look at me or Zeth and say what is this meaning who is this and point to the person she wants attention from, alot of the time when we go to the park she will see girls and boys and run up to them calling girl or boy then she will immediatly introduce us all saying this is my mummy and this is Ray-ray and she has started calling any older looking lady's Grandma ha she will walk right up to them and say Grandma look at me or something like that its cute and usually they chuckle and continue on although we have met a few who really start a conversation with her, and today at the library she was running around and when the lady at the counter started to walk up to us to give me my card Leona immediatly said "excuse me this is my friend mummy" ha the lady loved it. most of what she says she learns from Dora or Diego mostly the Grandma thing started from Dora talking about her Grandma, she also says Grasias mummy or daddy follwed by de nada, she is also very very polite which is so so nice to hear in a young child and will say it very sweetly, she is a love

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