Leona Spring


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Things are coming along...

And the kids seem happy with all the extra running space :) Zeth pick a delish bunch of red grapes off the vine out back, they were so sweet and yummy, there is also bunches of raisins which are also very yummy tasting.

while he was clearing some junk metal from the far back he found 3 tiny kittens who were alone and we have been keeping them in the bathroom and Zeth has been feeding them, one is obviously the runt and as soon as I have him in my hand he curls up to sleep he is soooo tiny, we are trying to get someone to come take them but if noone does I guess we will continue feeding them and see if we want to keep at least one I took some pics and will post them soon...

We also went for a walk yesterday and found a cute playground just down the road next to the station which we were happy to see xcept that it poured all that day ha now we need more sun to go play.

Miss everyone

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