Leona Spring


Raymond Leonard


Roderick Hunter



New Years Eve

Me and my moosanova(Zeths holding the cam)
someone else's cool mask
He was forced to put it on :)
Peter the DJ
Gorgeous baby all dressed up

Watching their video

It was fun, there was a masked ball for all the JTs in the area and Racheal and I(with plenty of persuasion)decided to dress up too, she had gone and gotten some masks for us and after trying on plenty of dresses all which stopped me from breathing we finally found a winner, then there was lots of dancing, games, sparklers and wine(for me) the kids also had heaps of fun playtime with all Evans new toys from Christmas namely a big train track with buildings and cars and trees it was fun :), then they got in bed for a video and looked like a true married couple ha, oh and the photo captions are for the pic above them...


Joanna said...

Those masks look fun and you look Fantastic. You should wear more dresses! Zeth does looked forced too. Ha!

SerenaRose said...

Thanks Jo, I felt a bit silly at first cause I had just never wore a mask b4 but I ended up having so much fun.

Ruth Cortejos said...

Happy New Year to you guys!! And I agree with Jo...you look great :-)