Leona Spring


Raymond Leonard


Roderick Hunter



Lets be friends!!!

Showing Vanessa where her ears are
And her nose:)
Sharing his cars and trucks
Ha cutie
Pointing to his eye
His first love
She really wanted this pic and kept saying smile
He waves every few seconds
Evan and Leona
Having fun

Well the kids have some friends who came to stay a few days, Rachael(of Mike) came with her kids Evan(almost 3) and Vanessa(6 months) to be closer to her Gran and visit with her( they live an hour train ride away) and so the kids can all have some playtime together which was super nice for all the kids, the only problem was for the 3 days she was here it poured rain ha poor Evan really wanted to go to the beach...Ray loves little babies and he talked and waved and smiled heaps at Vanessa who smiled big herself with all the attention, she is a gorgeous baby

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