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Car body work ...

Having gotten this car with a some rust spots on the bonnet and peeling clearcoat on the roof, I have set about prepping it for fixing ... here is whats been done so far ...

James resprayed the windshield wipers with Engine Black which is much better than using Black Enamel since Engine Black actually binds stronger with the metal with heat (of the sun), whereas Enamel will back in the sun and eventually begin to bubble up and crack.

We also went about giving the car a light cut-n-polish.
We cleaned the inside of the car thoroughly with $100+ worth of cleaning products to get rid of the dog smell and the dog hair in the boot.

I then spent another $100 on paint and body work products and got the roof ready for respraying.

I just used a 800 grit sandpaper on a rubber sanding block and plenty of water to remove the peeling clear coat and any other blemishes, but made sure not to bring it back to bare metal as that would mean having to apply Primer which can be a real hassle.

So the roof was ready for respraying.

Above and below are pics of the front of the bonnet where there were some 1cm across rust marks -- now all gone! The pic above is the unfinished product though and there is a slight blemish in the paint. Today I rubbed it back with 1500 grit sandpaper and water and then applied another coat of paint after which its looking brand new. We still need to apply the clear coat to these areas and then cut-n-polish.

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