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New News .... is good news (in this case) :)

Today, the 17th of October, I got my L's license. I don't have to do any set amount of hours or fill in any log books and in 3 months time I can get my P's.

Today we also bought a car!!! It's a Mitsubishi Verada (Magna) with a V6 3.0 engine. The Verada was the Magna with all the extras, so its got everything a 2000 model has. Mileage is 153'000 Km's and it's a 1993 model. Interior is in good condition but the car has a couple dings on the right-hand side which will not be a prob to get taken care of with the help of the Car Wreckers around here. :) It came with full service history since it was brand new and has only had one owner.

Price was $2000 for this car which James and I checked out thoroughly ... and I am so glad that James was there as he really knows a thing or three about these things. Thanks Jed!

So with putting LPG into it and getting it up to scratch cosmetically this car should cost us between $3000 and $3500. SUPER!!!

Please keep this all in your prayers, that we find the parts we need and the ppl who will help us with any other work we need done. Thanks!

I will be doing the whole "before & after" thing with pictures and post them here soon.

Please also keep my license in your thoughts and prayers!

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