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On the Move .... again ....

After much discussion and prayer the Lord has shown us to return to Australia to tend to Leona's needs regarding speech therapy and hearing, which is all free and professional in Oz, and which here in South Africa was looking slightly daunting, to say the least.

We are sad to have to leave South Africa and our precious family here, but the Lord has also shown everyone that He has beautiful things in store for all involved. TYL.

So we are preparing for our return as much as possible, which means looking for a place to land to catch our bearings and either house-hunt or look into subletting with someone(hint-hint!?)and get ourselves a car.

Our flight date is the 10th of September.

Please keep us in your prayers, that the Lord will help us find a place to land and a house or situation conducive to subletting.

Thank You


Amber Leona said...

Praying for the whole move/situation. See you next month!

mig.moon said...

Will keep it in my prayers. Nos vemos pronto!