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Some cute things about the kids:)

Leona is doing so well with her talking and school, she loves her pre-writing, our dogs name is Poochie but guess what Leona calls her...Moochie ha, when she is trying to get Zeths attention she will sometimes call him Moochie too, when she says thank you now she automatically says your welcome after, and of course some of her favorite sayings are answering yea sure to almost any question and when she wants someone to sit next to her she pats her chair and says lay down ha her favorite song right now is old mcdonald had a farm and sings it all the time at the top of her voice heh its really cute, she is also doing better on the potty in just te last week and now goes in the potty 2 or 3 times a day, I'm still just slowley taking her out of diapers until she understands she must tell me when she needs to go...thats a bit of a hurdle right now but its coming along, my goal has been to have her out of diapers completely by her birthday so pray for it thanks

baby is also trying to talk and copies mama when i say it and he says na na when he wants to nurse, poor baby has been experiencing alot of bonks lately from standing up and letting go ha he really wants to walk, he is also getting feisty and fights with Leona for Zeths attention, like when they both want to jump on him they push and hit each other oh dear my previous calm little baby doll is not so calm anymore he also bites when nursing but because I have popped him on the mouth b4 for biting now when i say ouch he starts to cry, I'm going to have to wean him soon its getting pretty painful, any advice anyone??? He absolutly loves the baby quotes and any flash cards or books and we are getting him used to the potty by sitting him fully clothed during his school time(its too cold to take his clothes off), we have 4 wiggles songs on video which they both absolutly love, Ray bobs and moves to any sort of tune hummed or sung and waves his arms like the wiggles do when Henry the octopus comes on...I want to find more wiggles concerts for then on dvd

Day after tomorrow the 2nd of July is our 3rd anniversary and when we announced that Zeths youngest brother asked "does that mean you have been married 3 times?" heh
then next Monday is mine and Anaiks b-day(I miss you Anaik) and the day after that Jazmin will turn 18 coolio.


Amber Leona said...

Good to hear how things are going. Will keep the potty training in my prayers.

A.F.A. said...

I miss you too Serena!!!! Thanks for all the updates. Ray and Leona are getting so big!