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A hail story!!!

We had alot of rainy weather last week and we had run out of diapers so last Friday in the midst of rain there was a patch of sun and blue so with the kids bundled in the stroller and Zeth pushing we started off towards the shops 20 mins away, well halfway there it started drizzling so we stopped at a closer diaper shop called get this kwik-p which is waaay more expensive then the supermarkets but is was raining and we didn't have a choice so we got the diapers and decided to make a run for it ha halfway home a few pea size hailstones fell and we thought uh-oh and walked a bit faster, ppl around us were moving there cars under trees and indoors but then it sopped although it kept raining then we were 5 mins from home and heard a very loud noise in the clouds which was getting louder with every step, I had never really heard that sort of noise b4, anyway we were just across the road from our street when it fell this time they were large marble size so we stopped under a good size tree and leaned over to cover the kids TG we were dressed well and TG they hail wasn't any bigger then marble size, well it lasted a few minutes (Leona was excited and enjoyed it) then let up slightly so we dashed home then it started even harder and kept coming again and again for almost the rest of the afternoon, TTL for his protection

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