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Well after much contemplation we decided in the end to not keep the kitten mainly cause as Jo put it she was loving it to death, she loved it and always wanted it near her but she just was too rough'n'tough with the poor thing, so e took it to tha mall to see if we could interest anyone with him and a sweet lady with 2 sons walked by smiled left then came back they wanted him so he went to a good home, we still have the black one to take around, the black one is super feisty and scratches, she dosen't let Leona hold her like the other one did, anyway we decided we will get her a kitty when she is a bit older and can listen and obey a bit more...we made some changes recently and Jaz(17)moved in to sleep with Leona while we moved to a smaller room and its been going pretty goodalthough she sleeps with us sometimes on the foldout couch in our room like when Jaz went on the road with her Dad or is sick so it works out pretty good and the 2 kiddos don't have to keep waking each other up which is a blessing for us parents.

now for some news about Rayray, he is soooo sweet and started waving by curling his fingers its soooo cute, he waves all the time now to everyone...he was also 9 months old this month and finally started eating better, his gag reflex would come too often before and make him gag and chuck up everything he ate but just recently he has started doing better, and he is super into books, cars and balls such a little boy, he will sit for a good amount of time and look at books and when he drives cars he makes a brrrrr sound.

Everything else has been going pretty good, Zeth has someone coming to help him get his license on Friday and we already found a couple cars we like, so we are moving more towards getting around which we are happy about, we have also been getting super nice provisioning from Woolies including nice pot plants(esp. after mothers day we got alot of potted flowers) and we are working towards getting more provisioning done esp for things like blankets for the coming winter.

the days have been soooo sunny and warm PG while the nights turn to ice ha its such a contrast the days and nights.

Miss everyone and I send lots of love and prayers to Suzie.

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