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sweet baby

Poor Ray has had a black eye for the last few days from a bad fall, and this isn't even as bad as it got...the next morning after he fell it was pretty swollen and his eye was half closed but after his nap that day it went down and just looked like this, but he dosen't seem to notice his bruises and is still so sweet and lovable, he REALLY loves a bath, I was making a bath for Leona and put him in his bed but he heard the water running and started getting excited and jumping and pointing to the door(he points at everything)ha so Zeth picked up and brought him in the bathroom and he was so excited I put him in it.


CrazyGurl said...

Oh poor little man! He really is a very cute baby, Serena! I can see your features in him.

Amber Leona said...

Oh thats so sad!