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We had a fun holiday in Katoomba starting Friday and coming home Monday...the last time I went to the blue mountains was when I was 7 or 8 not quite sure but a looooong time ago so it was special to be able to go with Zeth and all my family, we stayed at a cute lodge and everyday just went sightseeing and hiking and of all things op shopping in the cute little town,in the evenings we had board games, chocolate fondue and movies on the projector even though it was cold, foggy and sometimes raining...we did however have one beautiful sunny warm morning and that was just lovely, I'm sure pictures will appear sometime soon from Jo and Amber and maybe me.

Then this Morning Zeth left to Seattle for a month to work more closely with a friend on a fullon project he is helping with and he will be gone till the 13th of March...

I miss you already Muchi, have a safe flight and I hope you get in without too much hassle, get online when you can... I love you so so much


CrazyGurl said...

You've been tagged--by me!! =D

Show me a special something--something that is important or beautiful or meaningful or full of memories for you--or all of that--and tell me about it. Absolutely anything!! Take a photo of it and post it, saying why it is special! =D

Tell me if you've done it! x

Joanna Claire said...

oh, that's so cute!