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Well we said goodbye to our quacky last Thursday, he was getting very loud and demanding always wanting to be fed at the wee hours of dawn and then all day long not to mention the pooping all over the place ha, well we loved him, we just didn't have the space(meaning no backyard) so Dad saw a nice pond with other ducks that looked like him near where old ppl live and where they feed the ducks so Dad took him there and took some pictures of him with his new friends which are on the other computer so they will have to come later.

Leona has a new little phrase she says often which is go away and she sings all the time too, not with real words its her normal jibberish but with pretty good tunes and she will clap and dance to her songs which is soooo cute...

baby is also growing so cute, and now rolls onto his stomach then scoots his way around whatever he is lying on, bed, couch etc.
and man he has a loud voice when he is trying to get attention. He also loves to sit or stand and watch Leona running and jumping and smiles as if he can't wait to join her, it will be so nice when they can play together.

Not too much more to say, except Mars came back...its good to see her again, we had a fun babyshower for Jo...pics on her blog oh and here is a little story from that morning actually just of the drive there, Mum and I had gotten stuff together and left a little early to get there in Dads car(which had started having a few problems a few days back) anyway so we are merrily driving along baby is such a good boy in the car and dosen't make a peep when all of a sudden at a stoplight the car dies and we are the first car in the turning lane, anyway it just stops, won't start...and no power whatsoever, mum reaches for her phone and realises she has forgotten it and I don't always carry ours anyway so we are sitting there waving for the angry drivers behind us to go around and wondering what to do when a sweet man comes up from a few cars behind and offers to push us onto the sidewalk thing and then offers us the use of his phone, anyway it all ends good, the car started a few minutes after Dad showed up in Mums car and ended up driving us the rest of the way...and while we were waiting poor baby got angry and scratched himself as you can see in the pic below

We haven't been able to decorate yet but I have the itch to do it and some ideas of what to do now so hopefully we can do it by the end of this week.

here is a adorable picture taken from Jo's blog of my boo boo.


Amber Leona said...

Nice to read the updates...& see the pic of your chubby little man! Cant wait to meet him..
Love you Serena, see u soon :)

Zeth said...

I wish you would stop calling him "boo boo" ..... argh.....