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My little man is 6 weeks old this week and he already seems very grown up, the first time he really smiled at me while I was making strange baby noises at him was on Fathers day, Sept 2 at 3 weeks and 5 days old and he also started cooing then too...His face has almost cleared up TG, he was starting to get really ugly with all those pimples, its funny cause Leona never really got any so I guess I was surprised when he suddenly broke out.
Leona has been doing this really cute thing lately where she says oops sorry in a funny voice for everything including when she hurts herself, she seems to really like the baby recently and has started patting him as she would missy (our cat)but the other day he was crying and she jumped up on the bed and put his paci in his mouth then clapped for herself it was cute.


Marco and Feli said...

Hi Serena, I couldn't find your blog for the longest time and I just now found it again..yay...Congratulations on your beautiful new baby boy!! He's such a cutie pie!! --beautiful name choices by the way. You look great too and Leona looks all grown up...such a beautiful girl...love her eyes. Praying for you and your recovery...love you lots!!

SerenaRose said...

Hey Feli, thanks alot, nice to hear from you again and I hope everything is well with your family xxx